As we build our own recipes for successful leadership, we can often benefit from exchanging insights with our peers.

Strong leadership skills are not developed overnight. They take time to cultivate. It can be years, sometimes decades, before we truly feel comfortable taking a seat at the leadership table.

I’ve often been asked what my secret to success is. My response is usually this: There is no single secret. In fact, there are many. By engaging with professional peers, we can discuss and share insights about what works and what doesn’t in taking more challenging roles.

In a recent lecture the TMG team attended, Nancy Vonk, co-founder of Swim and creative director behind the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, shared three of her leadership tips.

  1. Cultivate work-life balance. While becoming a workaholic may present itself as a path to advancement, it is often not the most effective one. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance allows you to be more productive professionally and more present in your personal life.
  2. Let your voice be heard. Don’t be afraid to take the mic during meetings and share your opinions. Of course, it’s important to do so in a respectful, professional manner.
  3. Toot your own horn. Pushing past stage fright can be a challenge, but it opens so many more opportunities to demonstrate your expertise. This is especially crucial in the early stages of your career when you want to get noticed by decision makers.

Throughout our careers, we discover so many new ideas for rising to new levels. Those outlined above are just a few of the latest I’ve encountered. While not every piece of advice we receive may be valuable, it is important to develop a healthy curiosity for other ways of thinking. Truly exceptional leaders often share a hunger for growing their knowledge and understanding.