5 Key Takeaways from AMA Iowa Experience Event

Exchanging ideas and insights with other marketers has the power to unlock new strategies for gaining consumers’ loyalty.

Marketers are inherently collaborative. Engaging with each other to exchange ideas and information is what fuels our creativity. For that very reason, attending events such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) Iowa Experience Event is especially important. During this all-day event, participants got to learn and share exciting insights with Iowa-based speakers on marketing excellence, networking and industry trends. Below are a few notable highlights the TMG Marketing team took away.

  1. Data adds an edge – To engage consumers through marketing efforts, we must first understand our consumers. While this is not a new idea, the tactics to deliver on it are becoming more advanced. Heather Lamb, data scientist for Zirous, noted data analytics has the power to reveal both what consumers say and what they do. This information can then be integrated into a marketing strategy that earns consumers’ loyalty.
  2. Conversations should be a two-way street – It can be all too easy to get caught up in feeding messages to clients and their consumers. Cari Rosno, CEO of Skyline Dynovia, reiterated the importance of listening. Instead of simply listening to respond to what a client or consumer is saying, the focus should be on listening to understand. That opens the door to more consumer/client-centric products, services and messaging.
  3. Execute ideas with the most impact – While there is never a shortage of good marketing ideas, not all of them can be executed. Emilee Richardson, director of marketing and public relations for the Science Center of Iowa, advised marketers to prioritize ideas based on their ability to benefit an organization’s mission and margin. Stepping away from an idea can be challenging but is necessary if the idea doesn’t align with the organization’s strategic plan.
  4. Fail forward – Choosing when to pull the trigger on a new marketing campaign or tactic can sometimes be daunting. Kelly Moore, president of Kelly Moore’s PR Collective, recommended embracing the unknown and just going for it. By trying and failing, limitations and new opportunities come to light. What’s important is learning from failure and using that knowledge to better improve consumer experiences.
  5. Cultivate brand experience – Marketing functions as the custodian of consumer experience. Mark Core, vice president of Vermeer, said this means marketers should focus on delivering consistent, highly personalized experiences at each consumer touch point. Researching and understanding a consumer’s brand journey is an excellent starting place.