What does it take to be authentic in today’s world? For those of us who are concerned about card security, the answers vary. New authentication methods, like the biometrics integrated into CO-OP’s newest mobile banking solution, are gaining ground fast. Still, a new study from Javelin confirms that most companies are at a crossroads with authentication methods – still dependent on passwords, but not quite up to speed with advanced technology. Meanwhile, both Visa and Mastercard are updating their practices, some question our ability to measure the impact of mobile payments, and an Apple co-founder thinks Bitcoin is better than gold.

Javelin Study: Authentication Is at a Crossroads

Markets Insider

Javelin Strategy & Research’s new “2017 State of Authentication Report” notes the challenges businesses face when trying to update their authentication practices. While most still rely on passwords – and many are attempting multi-factor authentication – too few are doing enough to ensure better security.

Visa Launches Visa Intelligence ID Ecosystem


Here’s the problem: Data breaches are a near-constant crisis. Yet, as this article notes, “Every roadblock that’s put up to make life difficult for the bad guys becomes a new hurdle that a legitimate consumer has to clear on her way to buying something, or even opening a new account online.” Visa has a new Intelligence ID Ecosystem to address the issue.

Say Goodbye to Signatures on MasterCard Transactions


If you hardly recognize your own signature when you sign a card transaction on a modern POS terminal, you’ll know why Mastercard may be phasing out the use of signatures as part of the transaction experience.

Do We Need a New Way to Measure Mobile Payments Success?

Mobile Payments Today

It’s a running joke to predict which year will be the year for widespread mobile payments adoption in the U.S. But what if the problem isn’t the results, but rather the measurements we take? It may be time to look at how we determine success to make the measure of mobile payments.

Money 20/20: Wozniak Says Bitcoin Is Better than Gold

Bitcoin Magazine

Some may see Bitcoin as fringe currency, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Bitcoin is better than gold and the U.S. dollar