5 Must-Reads: When Digital Adoption Goes Deep

We’re all for digital adoption, but this week’s news raised questions even for the technology-forward Must-Reads team. Would you volunteer to be implanted with an RFID chip if it made logging in to your computer, opening office doors and buying chips at the break room vending machine faster and easier? We love chips, but we’re divided on this. Meanwhile, “mass” fintech adoption, social shopping, alternative banking and  “mobile app wrapping” made this a good week for technological advances.

Break Room Self-Serve Company Implants Workers with RFID Chips


Three Square Market, a seller of break-room “mirco-markets,” is offering implantable RFID chips that can be used to buy food in the office break room, log in to work computers and open doors at the office. About 50 employees are expected to volunteer to have the chips implanted in their hands.

Fintech Use Reaching “Mass Adoption” among Digital Consumers

The Financial Brand

Digital consumers are most likely to be aware of and use alternative banking solutions. Is this a fad, or will fintech set new expectations and standards across the industry?

Amazon Announces Spark, a Social Network for Shoppers


Amazon is creating a Pinterest-style shopping site that will allow sellers to showcase their wares, talk about and eventually sell them on an iOS-based app.

Acting OCC Head Defends Banking Charters for Online Lenders


Should online lenders and fintech startups be eligible for banking charters? Keith Noreika, temporary head of the Office of Comptroller, seems to think so.

Could Mobile App Wrapping Help Secure Your Apps?


App wrapping allows developers and administrators to apply security enforcement policies to a mobile app without changing its look or functionality.