#Consumers Can Now Shop & Pay Via Fridge

While much of this technology reads like something out of an episode of the “Jetsons,” there may come a time in the not-too-distant future when such conveniences are commonplace. It’s worth considering what possibilities such advancements could hold for the world of banking. If one can shop via fridge, why not bank via television?

Consumers increasingly want convenience in every aspect of their daily lives, including how they buy their groceries. Enter the new smart fridge. Samsung’s recent unveiling of its “Family Hub” refrigerator takes grocery shopping to a whole new level.

The appliance features an enormous touch screen covering nearly all of the upper portion of one of its double doors. It looks essentially like a giant Android phone has been attached to the door. Much like a smartphone, the screen features “home” and “back” buttons to make usage easier.

While the Family Hub’s appearance is something to marvel at, its capabilities are even more wow-worthy. The fridge is connected with MasterCard’s Groceries by MasterCard app, which allows consumers to shop for groceries without leaving their kitchens. Instead of making a grocery list and heading out the door to shop, consumers can simply type their list into the fridge door, hit “buy,” and authenticate their transactions using a four-digit PIN. It’s that easy.

The appliance goes beyond shopping though, with a built-in microphone accepting voice commands, and a screen displaying weather, news and other content when not in use as a personal shopping device.