A wide variety of touch points and decisions can define a member’s credit union journey.

This article previously appeared on CUinsight.

Choose this financial institution or that one. Do in-branch or online banking. A wide variety of touch points and decisions can define a member’s credit union journey. Putting members in the driver’s seats of their experiences gives them the power to get the results they want.

At Idaho Central Credit Union, members are empowered with tools and resources to get best-in-class service. The goal, says Kent Oram, president of Idaho Central, is to deliver positive, seamless experiences – no matter the channel.

Here are a few ways Idaho Central makes it happen:

  • Frequent member surveys. Through surveys, Idaho Central gains valuable insights into members’ wants, needs, life stages, financial goals and more. The feedback serves as another strategy to help the credit union tailor its products and services to best suit members. “We love to survey our members,” said Oram. “We love to ask the questions. We love to listen to their feedback.” By giving members a platform to share their thoughts and opinions, Idaho Central deepens member relationships and demonstrates a willingness to listen.
  • In-depth member analysis. To more thoroughly understand members, Idaho Central also turns to its front-line staff. By asking employees for their ideas, the credit union further explores members’ challenges, priorities and pain points. “Sometimes the latest bell and whistle isn’t something that appeals to them,” noted Mason Oswald, Idaho Central’s operations card services manager. “Really understanding your member is so important.”
  • Member perspective approach. Bearing in mind all the feedback they gather directly from members and staff, Idaho Central tests new ideas by stepping into members’ shoes. The credit union asks, “How may a member respond to this? What is its function?” Oswald notes that any new product, process or service that can save members time is likely a winner.
  • Fraud prevention in members’ hands. For credit union members, security ranks among their highest priorities when it comes to digital banking. “We realize that the best defense to fraud is allowing members to take their [digital] application and stop it at the source,” said Oswald. For Idaho Central, that meant introducing CardControl – a digital product allowing members to turn their cards on and off, as well as opt into transaction alerts.


Improving the financial lives of members is at the heart of every initiative Idaho Central undertakes. With that focus, the credit union gives its members the ability to choose the paths they travel.