Noteworthy News: Simple Ways #FinancialInstitutions Can Find What’s Trending in Payments

Steal our recommendations for staying in the loop when it comes to knowing the latest and greatest payments news.

Staying up-to-date with the latest industry news can prove challenging. With so many media outlets and too few hours in the day, it is sometimes daunting to even know where to begin. Below are a few easy ways you and your financial institution (FI) can keep up with the ever-evolving financial services industry.

  • Attend live industry events – Insights from top innovators and industry experts prove invaluable when it comes to learning what’s on the horizon in payments. These events are great forums for networking, asking questions and getting first looks at groundbreaking technology. Money 20/20, the U.S. Payments Forum and the World Council Credit Union Conference are a few events TMG representatives attend. Your vendors and strategic partners may also host events like the annual TMG Summit put on exclusively for TMG clients.  
  • Read leading-edge blogs – Individual bloggers can offer as much insight as mainstream trade media sources. In addition, they typically focus on a particular area of interest. This can help you get the most relevant information. Choose a few industry blogs to follow based on your interests. A good starting place can be to simply search “Best blogs about [insert topic here].” These results can help direct you toward bloggers others in your industry prefer. For detailed fraud reporting, I recommend Krebs on Security. For more diverse payments information, consider industry blogs like The Financial Revolutionist and our very own TMG blog
  • Take advantage of trending topics resources – Many organizations and news outlets compile the most noteworthy payments trends in one convenient location. Readers simply choose their topic of interest and can quickly access additional information about it., for instance, tracks the latest news about hot-button items such as the Internet of Things and digital banking on the Tracker page of its website. You can also look to TMG’s Trending page for an easy overview of notable news.

Looking beyond the financial services industry can also help FIs see what might be coming to payments next. Virtual reality, for instance, was created to give consumers the experience of being in another environment. Now, payments systems are being incorporated into those environments, allowing consumers to make purchases in virtual stores.