#Disruptive Technologies FIs Need to Know

As the new host for the refreshed TMG Podcast, I had the opportunity to discuss technology and innovation in the financial sector with one of our in-house experts. Specifically, the podcast focused on five technologies poised to change the world of financial services.

In the episode, I chatted with Pam Brodsack, TMG’s Chief Technology Officer, about application programing interfaces (APIs), machine learning, Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA), the Device Mesh and blockchain technology.

Pam walked us through how APIs—the sets of rules and specifications software programs follow to communicate with each other—have evolved. She also discussed how community financial institutions (FIs) will likely put APIs to use in the future.

Additionally, Pam went on to share insight into machine learning—the process by which computers ingest vast amounts of data, identify patterns and anomalies in the data and make decisions based on that analysis. She explained how data analytics, in conjunction with machine learning, can help FIs predict spending patterns and consumer behavior.

During the podcast, Pam and I also discussed ASA technology and its impact on fraud prevention, how the Device Mesh links data together to create a clear picture of the consumer and how blockchain can potentially help community FIs problem-solve.

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