Vital Signs: Check the Pulse of Your Credit Card Portfolio

Although challenges remain for many FIs as they work to grow their credit card programs, there are a number of strategies cards teams can employ to streamline their data gathering and analyzing efforts. To learn more about how TMG’s SmartGrowth team can help, visit

Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing some insights on growing credit card portfolios during the 2016 TMG Executive Summit. Specifically, I discussed the challenges to gaining in-house data analytics and portfolio review capabilities.

One of the main points I shared with TMG Executive Summit attendees was how important it is for FIs’ cards team managers to configure their data strategies for the consistent gathering and monitoring of data. In order to do this, cards teams should be monitoring the following closely at least quarterly:

  • Credit card penetration
  • Active credit cards
  • Statused accounts
  • Inactive accounts
  • Credit card line utilization
  • Average balances
  • Average number of transactions
  • Average tickets
  • Delinquency rates
  • Charge-off rates

In addition to sharing industry benchmarks for healthy credit card programs, I also detailed options available to those issuers that have partnered with TMG for payments processing. Namely, I outlined how FI staff can take advantage of our SmartGrowth™ team of professionals.

These individuals help credit unions and community banks analyze, understand and grow their credit card programs. Goals range from creating operational efficiencies and managing risk to developing new credit card products and executing targeted promotions with robust, data-driven campaigns.