Alaska USA FCU Adds CO-OP Shared Branching to 43 Locations, Cooperative Network Grows to 5,500 Credit Union Branches

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – CO-OP Financial Services announced that Alaska USA FCU, Alaska’s largest credit union and the 17th largest in the country, is expanding its participation in CO-OP Shared Branching, adding 43 new branches to the cooperative network.

“Alaska USA has participated in CO-OP Shared Branching for many years, as we believe it provides great value to our members when they travel,” said Brian E. Wolf, Chief Operations Officer, Alaska USA FCU. “We decided to create greater service consistency by extending shared branching to all of our locations across Washington, California and Arizona. CO-OP Shared Branching supports the overall credit union movement by enabling individual institutions to provide the same branch presence as large national banks.”

Based in Anchorage, Alaska USA ( has more than 615,000 members worldwide and more than $7 billion in assets.

CO-OP Shared Branching now comprises more than 5,500 locations throughout the United States to serve members of participating credit unions. Shared branching provides a unique competitive advantage of the credit union industry, enabling members to enter any CO-OP Shared Branching location and transact their business as if they were in the home office of their own credit union.

CO-OP Shared Branching is the third-largest national network of financial institution branches, exceeding that of Bank of America. The branch network is part of CO-OP’s roster of solutions enabling credit unions to offer members seamless, secure service across a wide variety of financial service options, including payments, networks and member service.

“Alaska USA is looking to provide opportunities for our members to access their accounts and other services how, when and where they desire,” said Wolf. “We see CO-OP Shared Branching as an important piece of the puzzle to meeting our members’ needs. It is additive to our expansive branch network with extended hours of operation, our 24x7x365 call center, access to surcharge-free ATMs and online and mobile solutions.”

CO-OP provides a locator to easily find CO-OP Shared Branching and CO-OP ATM locations. More information on CO-OP Shared Branching can be found by visiting CO-OP’s website at